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Berlin wide meeting November 2016

Thank your for the big attendency on our Berlin wide meeting. After a welcoming for new members and an introduction round, discussions about policy papers on transparency, the New Deal and migration as well as our on organisation and communication followed. See you again next time!


Yanis Varoufakis in Berlin

On September 17th, Yanis Varoufakis was invited by “Die Linke” to participate together with Katja Kipping and Klaus Lederer at the panel discussion “Europa mit Links verändern”. We would like to share with you a fragment of his speech, “a message to my left-wing comrades”. Katja Kipping held also a passionate speech in support of DiEM25.

On the same date, Yanis Varoufakis met quickly with a delegation of our Berlin DSC and announced that he will meet us during his next trip to Berlin and bring time to talk and discuss.

CETA-TTIP Demonstration

On September 17th, our DSC participated in the demonstration against CETA and TTIP. Six of our members were there and distributed our flyers, carrying DiEM25 flags and wearing DiEM25 T-shirts – all this despite the hostile weather. Thank you, Arno, Chris, Diego, Leo, Reto and Thomas!

Biennale Wiesbaden

The artist, political activist and member of DiEM25, Margarita Tsomou, invited our DSC to participate in an art project of the Biennale Wiesbaden. Her project “Agora”, based on the ancient Greek model, was to re-enact a participatory outdoor parliament. Of course we wanted to take part!

Roberta, Chris and Hannes from our DSC, went all the way to Wiesbaden. In a first event, together with House Bartleby, they launched a public dialogue about basic economic rights and democratic practices. In the second event, the question of a European constitution and the example of Iceland was presented and, again, discussed with the public. Sitting in a park on wooden sitting blocks, everybody’s voice was equally important and every passers-by could join the discussion. A great success! In the summer heat, they discussed, exchanged ideas and spread the word about DiEM25.

Hello world!

Hi, this is the first announcement of Diem25 Berlin. We’d like to invite you to our meetings.



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