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New Deal Task Force Meeting

Dear DiEM members,

we would like to kindly invite you to the next meeting of the NewDeal Task Force in Berlin!

When: Thursday, 22nd of June, 2017, 7pm-9pm


  • 7pm-7.30pm: Organisational issues, current topics
  • 30pm – 9pm: Focused discussion
    • Topic: A public digital payment platform for Europe?

Where: Fehmarner Straße 8 (ring at Alt/Nonhoff/Kobrin)

No prior knowledge is needed. At the outset of the discussion, all relevant economic topics are shortly introduced and are presented in an easily understandable manner.

About the New Deal Task Force

The Task Force New Deal of Berlin’s DSC (DiEM Spontaneous Collective) contributes to and comments on economic and financial policy positions within DiEM as a whole. In doing so, it aims to build up a common pool of economic knowledge and make it accessible for all DiEM members. Results from our discussions are intended to serve as short lexicon articles explaining key concepts and terms of relevance to DiEM and the economic policy field while also clearly pointing to advantages and drawbacks from a political perspective.

Status Quo

Earlier this year Diem25 has presented its vision for the economic future of Europe, the European New Deal. All over Europe, local collectives have formed to give input for Diem’s first position paper, and a central collective of specialists has assembled these suggestions and formed them into a coherent proposal. The Berlin New Deal group continues to debate specific proposals from the New Deal paper in order to be able to communicate them eventually.

A brief introduction to the New Deal as well as the entire paper is available here https://diem25.org/end/.

Further information and the current state of debate can be found in the channel #p1-newdeal in the communication platform Slack which the Berlin DSC of DiEM25 uses for coordination.

We’re looking forward to discussing with you and to your input into DiEM’s New Deal for Europe!

Carpe DiEM!

The Berlin New Deal Task Force

That astonishingly there is an alternative for Europe!

On 25th and 26th of May DiEM25 members from all over Europe came together in Berlin to exchange their work and ideas on democratising the EU. People from countries like Finland, Serbia, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Poland, Norway, France, Italy, Austria and Germany discussed how to build a solidly united system in Europe that offers equal rights and opportunities for everybody living on the continent.

The Democracy in DiEM25 (DiD) group shared their ideas on Distributed Network Collectives and Grassroots Democracy. We think internal democracy is crucial and communication and transparency are the key elements. DiEM25’s European Gender group pointed out that gender equality and diversity are everyday practices and should be embraced to foster our democratic discourse in including and representing as much perspectives as possible.

The DiEM25 Spontaneous Collective (DSC) Berlin provided an input on the topic of Multiparty Politics. The debate will go on: Should we found the first exclusively pan European Party? This question is crucial when thinking about strategies to put our agenda to the ballot boxes at the European elections of 2019! Of course endorsing candidates or parties in the elections are the other possibilities, as we recently did in the French and English elections. It’s clear for us that we will put an end to the politics of “There Is No Alternative” (TINA) and challenge the national phlegmatism of Lexiteers. We therefore say “TATIANA” (That Astonishingly There Is AN Alternative!) to Angela Merkel, Wolfgang Schäuble, Jean-Claude Juncker and everybody else: The European New Deal!

The DSC Belgrade later asked: How to deal with the European New Deal? And presented answers like “With the European New Deal paper we are able to embrace the robot army appearing on the horizon and let them work for us.” We are going to put forth green investments and finally regulate the banking sector. We are going to provide a job guarantee, basic goods and social housing for everybody.

In other workshops we pointed out that art should question the morality of the public and shift the thinking of people. Art as a fundamental form of societal and political expression will be at the heart of DiEM25 (DiEM25 Voice). Furthermore we learned about the peculiarities of the French elections from DSC Lyon and the history of the disintegration of Yugoslavia through an economic crisis from DSCs Ljubljana and Belgrade.

We also exchanged our ideas for a European Constitution after an input from DSC Asturias and elaborated on: “Let’s democratise Innovation and Production!” With a political framework for the encouragement of free and open source products that will empower us to become smart citizens instead of being controlled by overbearing smart cities. During the last panel we concluded that it’s about time to form a truly democratic European demos and put our ideas into practice.

We closed these incredible two days and twelve hours of workshops with a dinner at a Croatian Restaurant in Berlin. We thank all participants for the sparkling atmosphere, splendid talks and valuable inputs. We will very eagerly work on our policies and ideas, together with our new friends from all over Europe.

Some more impressions about the whole event are provided in this Video:

DiEM25 Berlin on Myfest in Kreuzberg


DiEM25 Documentary Night with “Work hard, play hard”

DiEM25 Berlin invites you to our monthy documentary event. This time we’ll show „Work hard, play hard“. The movie is in german with english subtitles.

It’s about the change in the conditions of labour, about the optimization of „human resources“. We observe business consultants working on a fusion between work and private life. Work is supposed to be fun – that’s how these new concepts are advertised. Upon closer examination, they reveal questionable motivational techniques, aiming at performance optimization. The documentary raises issues like „how do we want to work?“ and „in which way does the implementation of ‚ideal work conditions‘ lead to new forms of (self-)exploitation?“

After watching the documentary, we’d like to discuss with you. We have also invited the FAU (free workers’ union) to join us.

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