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That astonishingly there is an alternative for Europe!

On 25th and 26th of May DiEM25 members from all over Europe came together in Berlin to exchange their work and ideas on democratising the EU. People from countries like Finland, Serbia, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Poland, Norway, France, Italy, Austria and Germany discussed how to build a solidly united system in Europe that offers equal rights and opportunities for everybody living on the continent.

The Democracy in DiEM25 (DiD) group shared their ideas on Distributed Network Collectives and Grassroots Democracy. We think internal democracy is crucial and communication and transparency are the key elements. DiEM25’s European Gender group pointed out that gender equality and diversity are everyday practices and should be embraced to foster our democratic discourse in including and representing as much perspectives as possible.

The DiEM25 Spontaneous Collective (DSC) Berlin provided an input on the topic of Multiparty Politics. The debate will go on: Should we found the first exclusively pan European Party? This question is crucial when thinking about strategies to put our agenda to the ballot boxes at the European elections of 2019! Of course endorsing candidates or parties in the elections are the other possibilities, as we recently did in the French and English elections. It’s clear for us that we will put an end to the politics of “There Is No Alternative” (TINA) and challenge the national phlegmatism of Lexiteers. We therefore say “TATIANA” (That Astonishingly There Is AN Alternative!) to Angela Merkel, Wolfgang Schäuble, Jean-Claude Juncker and everybody else: The European New Deal!

The DSC Belgrade later asked: How to deal with the European New Deal? And presented answers like “With the European New Deal paper we are able to embrace the robot army appearing on the horizon and let them work for us.” We are going to put forth green investments and finally regulate the banking sector. We are going to provide a job guarantee, basic goods and social housing for everybody.

In other workshops we pointed out that art should question the morality of the public and shift the thinking of people. Art as a fundamental form of societal and political expression will be at the heart of DiEM25 (DiEM25 Voice). Furthermore we learned about the peculiarities of the French elections from DSC Lyon and the history of the disintegration of Yugoslavia through an economic crisis from DSCs Ljubljana and Belgrade.

We also exchanged our ideas for a European Constitution after an input from DSC Asturias and elaborated on: “Let’s democratise Innovation and Production!” With a political framework for the encouragement of free and open source products that will empower us to become smart citizens instead of being controlled by overbearing smart cities. During the last panel we concluded that it’s about time to form a truly democratic European demos and put our ideas into practice.

We closed these incredible two days and twelve hours of workshops with a dinner at a Croatian Restaurant in Berlin. We thank all participants for the sparkling atmosphere, splendid talks and valuable inputs. We will very eagerly work on our policies and ideas, together with our new friends from all over Europe.

Some more impressions about the whole event are provided in this Video:

DiEM25 – Next stop 2019?


All information here: https://diem25.org/berlin-may-25/

For our guests we put together Transportation Tipps for Berlin.

We are looking forward to see you!

Task force meeting European New Deal

Topic: Universal Basic Dividend (in relation to Unconditional Basic Income)

Carpe DiEM!

DiEM Lab ‘Building Rebel Cities’

Dear Friends,

As many of you already know, DiEM25 Berlin is launching DiEM Lab, a monthly series of events at Technische Universität. These monthly gatherings will be a space for activist groups and members of the public to engage with politics, explore avenues for collaboration, build bridges and promote a society based on diversity, pluralism and solidarity.

The first DiEM25 Lab will take place on Sunday April 30th, 2017, 14:00-18:00 h at Technische Universität Berlin, Room E222 (Erweiterungsbau next to Ernst-Reuter-Platz). The theme of the day will be ‘Building Rebel Cities’.

The event will start off with brief contributions by representatives of Give Something Back To Berlin and Stadt von Unten, and will continue with open discussion, plenty of chat and socialising.

You are warmly invited to come and take part to DiEM Lab and make it fruitful and fun!

Please come and join us on Sunday 30th April at TU, and spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/events/277025879423924/

We are looking forward to seeing you at DiEM Lab!

New Deal Task Force Meeting

Dear DiEM members,


we would like to kindly invite you to the next meeting of the NewDeal Task Force in Berlin!

When: Thursday, 27th of April, 2017, 7pm-9pm


  • 7pm-7.30pm: Organisational issues, current topics
  • 30pm – 9pm: Focused discussion
    • Topic: Universal Basic Income/ Universal Capital Divident

Where: Fehmarner Straße 8 (ring at Alt/Nonhoff/Kobrin)

No prior knowledge is needed. At the outset of the discussion, all relevant economic topics are shortly introduced and are presented in an easily understandable manner.


About the New Deal Task Force

The Task Force New Deal of Berlin’s DSC (DiEM Spontaneous Collective) contributes to and comments on economic and financial policy positions within DiEM as a whole. In doing so, it aims to build up a common pool of economic knowledge and make it accessible for all DiEM members. Results from our discussions are intended to serve as short lexicon articles explaining key concepts and terms of relevance to DiEM and the economic policy field while also clearly pointing to advantages and drawbacks from a political perspective.


Status Quo

Currently, the task force is working mainly on contributing to and commenting on the first policy paper (white paper) of DiEM25 on economic and financial policy in Europe. To this end, the group has already provided own proposals to DiEM25 in the form of an input paper in late 2016. Now, we have also received the first draft (summary) of the white paper by DiEM25’s Coordinating Collective. One aim of the upcoming meeting(s) is to discuss whether and to what extent our proposals are reflected in the summary and how and what kind of input and feedback we want to give to it.

All documents mentioned can be found in the channel #p1-newdeal in the communication platform Slack which the Berlin DSC of DiEM25 uses for coordination. Thorough reading prior to the meeting is not necessary, however, as the most important topics are presented at the outset.

We’re looking forward to discussing with you and to your input into DiEM’s New Deal for Europe!


Carpe DiEM!

The Berlin New Deal Task Force

March for Europe

The Berlin group of DiEM25 is taking part on the March for Europe! We want to democratise the EU to make it fairer. Only through that it can be prevented from disintegrating. We are against nationalism and neoliberalism. Join Us!

DiEM25 Berlin presentation

DiEM25 Berlin invites you to the presentation of our actions. We will present and discuss topics with you, that we have been working on in different task forces.

19:00 Welcome drinks and build up

19:15 Review: What kind of meetings did we organise and how do we communicate?

19:45 Diversity: How can we invite much more different people to join us?

20:15 New Deal: What is the New Deal and why is it important for Europe?

20:45 German elections: How do we coordinate Germany wide and what are our plans f. e. during the election time?

We will meet at the room next to the “Blauer Salon” (Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin). To get there, you enter the yard, then turn left, pass by the bar, enter another yard where you take the stairs on the right side, leading up to Blauer Salon.

Afterwards we will go for a little drink in one of the surrounding bars:)

Lively start into 2017

Our DiEM25 group started lively into the New Year. Good, as the general elections in Germany are just around the corner and we plan great things for 2017.

We had an intensive Newcomer meeting on the 9th of January. After a short introduction to DiEM25 and our work in Berlin, we spread into small groups with the 60 participants to work on different topics. We had discussions about DiEM25 policy papers and our internal organisation. Also the new taskforce “diversity” was founded, which will deal with the important task to include different human beings into DiEM25 to make our movement as colourful and diverse as our society.

On the 15th of January our second DiEM25 documentation night followed at B-Lage in Neukölln. We presented the crowdfunded documentary “This is not a coup”. It describes the European Central Bank’s (ECB) financial interventions in states like Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece. Featuring well-known academics, politicians and journalists, “This is not a coup” analyses the interdependences of EU institutions with big corporations and banks and the undemocratic and hidden influence they exert on national politics. After the film we had an interesting exchange with the audience and are looking forward to the documentation night on the 19th of February.

Do you want to join? Contact berlin1dsc@de.diem25.org

Movie night in Berlin: Debt is the money of the rich

In the heart of Neukölln-Berlin, in B-Lage, DiEM25 Berlin presented the film “Who is Saving Whom? – Crisis as a business model at the expense of democracy and social security”.

Although the screening room was crowded and crammed with 80 visitors, the mostly young audience attentively watched the documentary until the end. The documentary from 2015 clearly shows who was responsible for the financial crisis in 2008 and how multi-billion euro and dollar rescue packages almost magically turned bank debts into public debts. The consequences for civil society are enormous and presented in the film through impressive pictures and testimonies.

The film also shows alternatives. Iceland chose a completely different way out of the crisis: the citizens took their fate into their own hands, demanded new elections and a thorough revision of the banking crisis – with success. There was no rescue of international capital, but a democratic redistribution from the top to the bottom. Even the bank executives did not get away unscathed.

Following the film, Ragnar Hjalmarsson provided more nuanced information on the Icelandic case, drawing on his experience as an employee of the IMF Resident Representative Office in Reykjavik from 2008 to 2013. Spanish/Icelandic artist couple Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson also contributed to the intriguing discussion.

During the discussion, it became clear that very special circumstances contributed to Iceland’s unique path. Nevertheless, Iceland remains an encouraging example of how a broad social movement can free a country from the dictatorship of the financial sector and move towards a real democracy.

In the film, the German politician Oskar Lafontaine was quoted as follows: “If one knows that debt is the money of the rich, then one would have to get the idea that if I want to lower the debt, I will reduce rich people’s money. I’ve never heard that this may have been discussed in that way in parliaments. Instead of taking money from the rich, they dive into the wallet of the pensioners and the workers who earn very little. This is an incredible fact.

DiEM25 is currently working on a policy paper for Europe’s new economy, which will be presented end of February in Paris.

Carpe DiEM25

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