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DSC Berlin at the congress of the European Left

380 delegates from 27 member parties and from nine observation parties arrived in Berlin for the 5th Congress of the European Left. The concerns about Europe were connected: austerity politics, growing precariousness, rise of the populous right, higher military budget for geopolitical power games, just to name a few of these concerns. Europe is standing knee deep in crises and that’s not just from the Left‘s viewpoint. The question, however, “what to do?”, brings an end to the unification.

Gregor Gysi, still chairman in the German Bundestag, was elected as the new chairman of the European Left. Without opponents, Gysi can only have a short majority of the delegates behind him, with only 68% of the votes, and the EL made a rather split impression.

Naturally, DiEM25 wasn‘t officially invited to the Congress. Through “Die Linke”, however, the possibility was offered to set up a stand and present the proposal of our Pan-European democratic movement to the interested delegates and representatives.

Despite the not very original red color in this environment, the DiEM stand stood out clearly. During the three-day congress, 8 DSC members alternated regularly at the stand and radiated a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

5th Congress European Left – Berlin 2016

logo_5_el_congress_berlin_300x158The Party of the European Left (EL) will hold its 5th Congress this December in Berlin, Germany, gathering delegations from all its parties to decide on the political focus for the next three-year term.

The EL Congress will address important issues such as the creation of a broad left-wing front to stand against fascism and the far-right, the fight against tax evasion and the rupture with the negotiations of TTIP, TISA and CETA. The EL stands for a Europe that allows people to take control over economic choices, advocates equal rights for all, dignified welcome and a policy to help migrants and refugees, a Europe that works for peace and not for war and fear.

According to the EL statutes, the Congress will also elect the new ruling bodies and it will decide on the accession of new member parties, observers and partners.

The Congress will take place at the BCC – Berlin Congress Center, between the 16th and the 18th of December 2016.

DiEM25 Berlin will be present. Informations also on Facebook.

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