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DiEM25 docu night: Life in Syria before the war

In line with the Sunday cinema at B-Lage and the festival “Offenes Neukölln” DiEM25 invites you to our seventh DiEM25 docu night. With the movie we want to give an insight into the life in Syria before the war. With that we can get a different view on our lives and the lives of our Syrian friends. Following the movie, we want to discuss: What should politics on European and local level do for a better living together?

Panel discussion Liquid Democracy e.V.

DiEM25 takes part in a panel discussion at the summer party of Liquid Democracy e.V. together with DEMOKRATIE IN BEWEGUNG.
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DiEM25 docu night with “War Zone”

According to her own words, War Zone is a direct response of a filmmaker and producer Maggie Hadleigh-West to the experiences of being involuntarily exposed, judged and assaulted that women are forced to go through on a everyday level. She did this by bringing those not hesitating to exercise their power on any occasion to publicly talk about it while she and her associates have been filming these spontaneous encounters.

In this personal and intimate documentary resulting from hundred of interviews that Hadleigh-West conducted with men and women across the United States, she managed to show how their different views on meaning of sex and gender are being a source of what she called war zone.

Some of her respondents were obviously annoyed, often reacting in arrogant if not a violent manner, while on the other occasions they’ve been simply revealing their own fears and insecurities in a funny and emotional way. This is the confirmation of Maggie’s talent to prove her point in her own and distinctive way, characterizing her other movies as well. One of the commentators of her work described it as a street credibility that she poses.

During this evening we would like to address the relationship between private and public space, love and politics and the problem of sexualized violence as a symptom of the structural mechanisms of power and hierarchies rooted in our contemporary societies. We would also like to discussion about the alternative politics to these practices that are unfortunately still present in our everyday surrounding.

In order to keep doing our work we will also ask for a small donation (~3 €) to finance the costs we have.

DiEM25 documentary night is showing „Audre Lorde – the Berlin Years 1984-1992” and celebrating one year of DiEM25 in Berlin!

I think that the women’s movement in Berlin is ‘stark’ and it has a lot of life and vitality. It makes my heart sing to see what is possible“, that is what the poet and activist Audre Lorde once said. Her influence on the Afro-American, Feminist and Queer Movements is still lively. The movie shows her life and actions here in Berlin. Her comments about the social and political change in Berlin, her support for the Afro-German community, and her call to the white population of Germany to reflect upon and be aware of their own privilege. By means of video and audio recordings from Dagmar Schultz as well as the commentaries of numerous allies, students and friends, a memorable picture of the personal Audre Lorde is created, that enlarges the view on the political scene of Berlin impressively and necessarily.

Following the movie screening we want to discuss, what has changed and what has not changed after Audre Lorde’s activities in Berlin. We will also ask for a small donation (~3 €) to finance the costs we have.

We also invite you, to celebrate the one year anniversary of DiEM25 Berlin with us on the same evening. At around 10 pm we want to dance, talk and have fun with some Funk and beer.

Lively start into 2017

Our DiEM25 group started lively into the New Year. Good, as the general elections in Germany are just around the corner and we plan great things for 2017.

We had an intensive Newcomer meeting on the 9th of January. After a short introduction to DiEM25 and our work in Berlin, we spread into small groups with the 60 participants to work on different topics. We had discussions about DiEM25 policy papers and our internal organisation. Also the new taskforce “diversity” was founded, which will deal with the important task to include different human beings into DiEM25 to make our movement as colourful and diverse as our society.

On the 15th of January our second DiEM25 documentation night followed at B-Lage in Neukölln. We presented the crowdfunded documentary “This is not a coup”. It describes the European Central Bank’s (ECB) financial interventions in states like Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece. Featuring well-known academics, politicians and journalists, “This is not a coup” analyses the interdependences of EU institutions with big corporations and banks and the undemocratic and hidden influence they exert on national politics. After the film we had an interesting exchange with the audience and are looking forward to the documentation night on the 19th of February.

Do you want to join? Contact berlin1dsc@de.diem25.org

DiEM25 Documentary Night with “This is not a coup”

As part of the Sunday cinema programme at B-Lage in Neukölln we invite you to the second Berlin DiEM25 Documentary Night. DiEM25 stands for Democracy in Europe Movement.

The documentary “This is not a coup” describes ECB’s financial interventions in states like Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece. Featuring well known academics, politicians and journalists, it analyses the relation of EU institutions with big corporations and banks. In order to guarantee full independence from private companies and interests, the project is financed through crowdfunding – namely donations from citizens, trade unions and independent organizations and foundations across the globe.

After the documentation we would like to discuss the topic with you. We will also ask for a small donation (~1€) to finance the costs we have.

The movie will be shown in different languages and with english subtitles.

We look forward to seeing you there!

DiEM Documentary Night with “Who is saving whom?”

As part of the Sunday cinema programme at B-Lage in Neukölln we invite you to the first Berlin DiEM25 Documentary Night. DiEM25 stands for Democracy in Europe Movement. Europe currently suffers from five crises (debt, low investment, poverty, migration and a banking crisis). We are a pan-european movement with the aim to work on common solutions to these crises. The movie „Who is saving whom?“ reveals the hidden truth behind the “bail-outs”, right up to the tragedy of Greece: the dramatic transformation of our societies.  Afterwards, we will hold an informal discussion about the problems and solutions to Europe’s crises inspired by the issues highlighted in the movie.

The movie will be shown in german without subtitles.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Movie night in Berlin: Debt is the money of the rich

In the heart of Neukölln-Berlin, in B-Lage, DiEM25 Berlin presented the film “Who is Saving Whom? – Crisis as a business model at the expense of democracy and social security”.

Although the screening room was crowded and crammed with 80 visitors, the mostly young audience attentively watched the documentary until the end. The documentary from 2015 clearly shows who was responsible for the financial crisis in 2008 and how multi-billion euro and dollar rescue packages almost magically turned bank debts into public debts. The consequences for civil society are enormous and presented in the film through impressive pictures and testimonies.

The film also shows alternatives. Iceland chose a completely different way out of the crisis: the citizens took their fate into their own hands, demanded new elections and a thorough revision of the banking crisis – with success. There was no rescue of international capital, but a democratic redistribution from the top to the bottom. Even the bank executives did not get away unscathed.

Following the film, Ragnar Hjalmarsson provided more nuanced information on the Icelandic case, drawing on his experience as an employee of the IMF Resident Representative Office in Reykjavik from 2008 to 2013. Spanish/Icelandic artist couple Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson also contributed to the intriguing discussion.

During the discussion, it became clear that very special circumstances contributed to Iceland’s unique path. Nevertheless, Iceland remains an encouraging example of how a broad social movement can free a country from the dictatorship of the financial sector and move towards a real democracy.

In the film, the German politician Oskar Lafontaine was quoted as follows: “If one knows that debt is the money of the rich, then one would have to get the idea that if I want to lower the debt, I will reduce rich people’s money. I’ve never heard that this may have been discussed in that way in parliaments. Instead of taking money from the rich, they dive into the wallet of the pensioners and the workers who earn very little. This is an incredible fact.

DiEM25 is currently working on a policy paper for Europe’s new economy, which will be presented end of February in Paris.

Carpe DiEM25

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