DiEM25 Berlin invites you to an assembly and discussion. You are welcome to bring drinks and something to eat. This will be our talking points:

  • Welcome
  • Presentation and discussion about European Constitutions
  • Report of DiEM25 @ G20 in Hamburg
  • Organisational structure of DiEM25 in Berlin
  • July events from Liquid Democracy and Offenes Neukölln
  • Other points

We will meet at the room “Versammlungsraum” (Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin). To get there, you enter the yard, then turn left, pass by the bar, enter another yard where you take the stairs on the right side, leading up to Versammlungsraum (2nd floor, behind “Blauer Salon”).

Afterwards we will go for a little drink in one of the surrounding bars:)