On the occasion of DiEM25s 2nd birthday, organised by members of the DSC Berlin, the workshop “Creative Resistance” took place. The central question of the workshop was how artists and creative people can play a decisive role in the struggle for a fair and democratic society. The answer isn’t easy in no case and the workshop could only scratch on the surface. The speakers, Sarah Waterfeld and subliminal_guy (author of this piece), gave their best to deliver a brief overview of best (and worst) practices hitherto.

We talked about the various vanguard movements of the 20th Century (russian vanguard, surrealism, dadaism, situationism), artistic interventions of german artists Jörg Immendorf and Joseph Beuys, up to hoaxes by the Yes Men and the german Peng!-Collective.

Sarah Waterfeld reported on the ongoing transmedial theater project “B6112” that occupied the Berliner Volksbühne. Afterwards she introduced the Transmedia-Manifesto and its emancipatory potential.

During the talk the documentary “Culture Jamming” (2007) has been screened. This documentary covers some spectacular hoaxes and artistic interventions that took place between 2001 und 2006 in Europe and the United States.

The workshop also gave birth to the Creative Resistance Taskforce, that will have its initial meeting on March 15 in Berlin. In this Taskforce we aim to unite the creative potential within DiEM25 to find new forms of internal and external communication, to design spectacular actions and to help imagine a world beyond Capitalist Realism.

If you want to join us now or in future meetings, please find more infos in the Mattermost-Team of the DSC Berlin in the designated channel “art not art”, write an e-mail to david.schwertgen@de.diem25.org or hit me up on twitter.

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