The artist, political activist and member of DiEM25, Margarita Tsomou, invited our DSC to participate in an art project of the Biennale Wiesbaden. Her project “Agora”, based on the ancient Greek model, was to re-enact a participatory outdoor parliament. Of course we wanted to take part!

Roberta, Chris and Hannes from our DSC, went all the way to Wiesbaden. In a first event, together with House Bartleby, they launched a public dialogue about basic economic rights and democratic practices. In the second event, the question of a European constitution and the example of Iceland was presented and, again, discussed with the public. Sitting in a park on wooden sitting blocks, everybody’s voice was equally important and every passers-by could join the discussion. A great success! In the summer heat, they discussed, exchanged ideas and spread the word about DiEM25.