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Standing against discrimination in Europe – DiEM25 Warm-up Demo

19 May, 11am, Oranienplatz

Ours in an unequal Europe. Today, many women, minorities and migrants in Europe face discrimination and violence in their daily lives. Governments and politicians are doing nothing to stop the unequal treatment – and the far right is only encouraging it.

This is why on May 19 we will gather at Oranienplatz to demonstrate that we stand against all forms of discrimination. We will raise or voices against racist violence, harassment and discrimination in all spheres of society.

Your voice matters too! Join us and raise your voice. You will hear speeches from our activists and candidates for European Parliament – Joanna Bronowicka and Jasper Finkeldey. If you want to make a speech – email

After our warm-up speeches we will walk together to join the big demo of Europa fur Alle which starts at 12.00 at Alexanderplatz.

Equality is at the very core of our program. We demand concrete actions to fight against racial profiling at all levels of European society. We will force all companies to implement an equal pay standard to correct the gender wage gap. We will call for a convention on reproductive rights to guarantee that every woman has access to free and decent care.

Link to our program:

On May 26, vote for progressive, green and fair Europe – list 25 – Demokratie in Europe – DiEM 25.

DiEM25 Barcamp {Technological Sovereignty} – Doing Tech the Democratic Way

DiEM25 presents its green paper on “Technological Sovereignty : Democratising Technology and Innovation” in Berlin on May 3rd 2019.

[Image: CC BY-SA 2.0 by JérémY]

Technology is becoming ever more political. And politics depends ever more on technology.
But there is a huge void in political discourse around technology. It is either ignored, or accepted as a technocratic fact. But it is neither.
Technology, which technology is developed (and which not), and how it is developed and made available,  is the result of choices. But technology also drives choices, and defines and limits the way politics can be done.
Yet, most political movements or parties remain completely silent – their view on technology and its impact on politics and democracy, is mostly empty.
The best illustration of this huge void at the heart of our democratic systems was Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to the European Parliament. Pathetically, most of the energy of MEPs went to trying to make a selfie with the benign dictator of our personal data. While, during the actual hearing, the questions they asked showed the profound emptiness of their political ideas around technology.
Who is technology for? How should it benefit society best? How should it be regulated? What are the principles of interaction between technology and politics? Who should own and/or control what?

DiEM25 wants to boldly go where no other political movement has gone before: a vision on how technology and politics should interact, and how we can update democracy to prevent emerging technological dictatorships of the 21st century. By democratising technology we can share the benefits of technological progress amongst the many and unleash innovations for the common good.
We will present DiEM25’s green paper on “Technological Sovereignty: Democratising Technology and Innovation” as part of DiEM25’s Progressive Agenda for Europe.
And we will debate on the principles contained therein, and how they can best be translated into concrete action points and a strategy for progessive politics.
Our ultimate goal is to make technology serve the needs of all citizens in a democratic society. Politicians need to be called to account, on how they act, or fail to act, on the power of technology and its impact on our democracy.
In a series of interactive panel discussions, thought leaders from both inside and outside of DiEM25 will present and discuss the green paper, and together with the participants, work out how to implement the principles laid out in the policy.
Join us on May 3rd 2019 in c-Base, Berlin to start making history: come learn more about our vision for a democratic future for technology, and be ready to share your vision with us.

May the 3rd be with you!

c-base e.V., Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin
3rd May, 1 – 9 pm

You can also come without registration! fb-Event helps us track the amount, tho.


  • 13:00 – Technological Sovereignty – DiEM25’s vision for democratising technology and innovation.
    13:45 – Why do we need to democratise algorithms and how do we do it?
    – Lightning talks with thought leaders from both inside and outside of DiEM25
    – Discussion with all participants
  • 15:30 – Coffee break
  • 16:00 – Why do we need to democratise ownership of technology and how do we do it?
    – Lightning talks with Ela Kagel (#platformcoop), Peter Harris (, Felix Weth ( and Joanna Bronowicka (DEMOKRATIE IN EUROPA)
    – Discussion with all participants
  • 18:00 – Final Panel – Why do we need not just technical, but social and political solutions – and how do we make them a reality?
    – Lightning talks with thought leaders from both inside and outside of DiEM25
    – Discussion with all participants
  • 20:00 – Beers and Codonaut Screening

DiEM25 DSC Berlin Strategy Day

Please RSVP to before the 16th of January, to help us prepare for the day. Let us know which language works for you: English and/or German

Would you be up for helping out during the day or with preparations? People to help prepare the space, to moderate group conversations, to help set up lunch, etc. are very welcome! Please email for this, too.

DSC Berlin hitting the streets in March

2nd Germany-wide DSC Meeting in Cologne

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