Dear DiEMer,

month in, month out DiEM25 Berlin is saying hi. This time we are taking a step back from our daily activities, are planning some changes for which we would love your input and want to share some updates.

In the last weeks we have finally united with Demokratie in Bewegung (Democrcacy in Movement, a small party with a similar mindset and some inspiring people) to prepare our joint electoral campaign in Germany as part of the European Parliament Elections.

We also exchanged experiences in Berlin and elsewhere with like-minded people and some of us have attended the DiEM25 Academy in Belgrade where we learned from city activists and the organizers of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

To sum it up: Together we have already achieved a lot but we need to do more!

With you, we want to develop a new way of thinking and practicing politics. A type of politics where interactions and debates are friendly, respectful and constructive. A type of politics that develops ideas from the bottom up and jointly implements them. Where newcomers find the opportunity to involve themselves and where we canalize our common energy to bring change.

Therefore we warmly invite you to our meeting next Monday at which we want to reflect on our group and develop the great base we have built here in Berlin further to reach our common objective: To make a difference and contribute our part so that the destructive tendencies in our city and the entire continent change for something better.

So please, please, please, join us on Monday, October 8 from 19:00 at the “Versammlungsraum” of Mehringhöfe (Information on how to get there and more can be found here.)

Finally united – Demokratie in Europa & Demokratie in Bewegung – Meeting on 11 October

DiEM25 has grown closer and finally united with Demokratie in Bewegung for the upcoming European Parliament elections and thereby adds power to the German section of the European Spring. By now members of both organizations have also chosen the board that will coordinate the electoral campaign and members of DiEM25 and DiB are meeting all over Germany and on October 11 also in Berlin at Café MadaMe at Mehringplatz.

Unteilbar – indivisible demonstration on October 13 in Berlin

As you may notice, the coming week has a lot to offer. We round off this week by participating in the #unteilbar demonstration with our friends from Razem from Poland, Demokratie in Bewegung and further friendly organizations, which we know from our collaboration in the OurFuture project. Together we will take to the street for solidarity and a free and open socieity, against xenophobia, intolerance and the current politics of our European governments. Please come join us. We will finalize our plan at our meeting on Monday and let you know where we’ll meet in the coming week.

Election of our coordinators

Since almost a year, Sebastian and Jakob have coordinated the Berlin DiEM25 group for you. We have learned a great deal and want to thank you for your trust and patience. Although we will stay with DiEM25 it is time to pass on the torch, because rotation brings new inspiration and gives others the chance to represent, coordinate and shape our spontaneous collective.
Therefore, and if you already are an active member of the Berlin group, if you know how we work and have an idea of what we want to achieve, please bring forward your candidacies for the role of coordinaots. Sebastian and Jakob will help you transition in as long as you want and will keep working with you for our common cause.

European May – the game changer?

Last weekend a campaign lab took place in Berlin for the European May project. The basic idea for next year’s May is to make visible everywhere in Europe that our challenges are the same all over the continent and that the solutions also lie in common action. This we want to achieve by uniting as many progressives and their struggles into a week of transnational action in which we claim public places and disrupt everyday life to send a strong sign that Europe must change for the better. We will tell you more about this shortly.

As always, thank you for reading, hope to see you soon and carpe DiEM!

Your DSC1 Berlin


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