We need creative DiEM25ers to fuel our #gifparade!

What is a #gifparade!?

A #gifparade is a joint online action where we will provide a line of code that everyone who controls (or can get control) of a website could paste into any HTML file. The result will be an animated GIF army on the websites in question:

The idea is to create an online collection of gifs that relate to the topics of DiEM25 and the European Spring in an artistic, funny or creative way. Our workgroup will provide browser add-ons and some other gimmicks to make it look like if e.g. the website of the European Central Bank was occupied. The pictures of occupied and supposedly occupied websites will be shared via social media.

We have a team of gif artists, developers and conceptualists ready in Berlin, but we’ll need the help of many talented gif artists and webmasters within DiEM25s membership.

Do you like to create gifs or online memes?
Do you have a blog or website and want to support us?
Please contact me and i’ll add you to our mailing list: david.schwertgen@de.diem25.org

Some of the gifs we’ve already collected (to be updated):