The conversation about DiEM25s strongest pillar – the European New Deal – is ongoing. For members who are not participating in a taskforce or a thematic DSC on that topic it may be hard to grasp its whole extent. Some members of DiEM (e.g. DSC Andalucía, DSC Porto and AP member Ulf Clerwall) have organised a series of Zoom talks about the topic. The effective reach of these talks is rather small and and at times overspecialised for the general membership (not to mention the interested public).

To address this problem I created a prototype interactive video – featuring Adam Newby – explaining some of the basic content of the European New Deal.

(Note: Click on the little “K” to start the interactive video in a new tab)

The website is updated regularly as i’m currently adding subtitles and more videos (e.g. about the Universal Basic Dividend).

If you want to comment on the project or give some feedback, please find more infos in the Mattermost-Team of the DSC Berlin in the designated channel “P1 New Deal” or hit me up on twitter.

Find more infos on our communication platform Mattermost here.

The calendar can be found here.