The development of the 1st Green Paper for the seventh pillar of DiEM25s Policy: »Technological Sovereignty« is in progress.

In this phase, which runs until July 5th, members of the DSC »Democratic Technologies« are gathering input on this questionnaire. In July we will work on the first draft of the Green Paper until August 5th. In order to work, we’ll need your ideas!

Your ideas do not have to be fully elaborated. Think about what might be wrong or be better in our (computer-)managed world. Can you name practices in any technology that you would consider »undemocratic«? How can we foster the privacy of European citizens and protect their data from misuse by private corporations? How can we regulate the Internet monopolists (GAFAM)? How can we think about technological development – our future – in a creative way and beyond economic imperatives? How should copyright laws be reformed? The full list of questions can be found in the questionnaire.

Send your suggestions, ideas and policy proposals to
(Needless to say: Input that arrives after the 5th of July will also be considered.)

For your inspiration here are two brief proposals made by the author of this piece:

1. The European Union is in need of a multilingual content platform that stores and delivers content produced by the distinct national public stations. This so called European Media Platform would deliver subtitled and/or voiced-over content produced or licensed by EU public entities to enrich an european public debate. A european democratic Netflix!

2. A decentralized, autonomous, encrypted peer-to-peer-network as opposed to the commercial and centralized server farms of the internet giants. The EU should set up a European Save Networking Fund that encourages research on an open-source and easy-to-use solution implementing an Autonomous Data Network. With this fund the EU e.g. provides bootstrap servers and minimum amount of storage capacity (storing encrypted data chunks) to get the network up and running.

This idea and your ideas will be developed during the paper development process. Again: Send your suggestions, ideas and policy proposals to

We have a lot of plans and we still need fellow combatants. If you want to join us now or in future meetings, please find more infos in the Mattermost-Team »TechPillar«, write an e-mail to or or hit me up on twitter.

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The databending of phantom pink + green flowers in surveilled gardens where paranoia grows by torley – CC-BY-SA (