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The citizen take-over of the EU institutions on 26th of May has started

The election campaign of DiEM25’s electoral wing Demokratie in Europa in Germany kicked off with a great weekend in Berlin. Join us for the exciting time ahead, not stopping on the 26th of May. This European election is only a start fighting for the change we desperately need!

First the leading candidates of Demokratie in Europa – DiEM25, Yanis Varoufakis and Daniela Platsch, joined our local candidate Thomas Kellermann in Lichterfelde Süd for a tour around the district.

As a member of the action alliance Lichterfelde Süd, Thomas Kellermann is committed to the construction of socially responsible and sustainable housing. As a physician, he has also dealt with the health consequences and impressively describes the consequences of wrong housing policies. The action alliance demands the building of affordable housing instead of such in the high-price segment. The dream: 1,500 social dwellings in Lichterfelde Süd.

The Groth Group is the owner of the former Parks Range in Lichterfelde Süd and would like to build on 39 hectares there. In recent years, the Groth Group has made donations to the Berlin parties, primarily to the CDU but also to the SPD. The current urban development contract from July 2018 is still not open to the public.

Together Yanis Varoufakis, Daniela Platsch and Thomas Kellermann demand the financing and guarantee of affordable housing for all Europeans in their home countries in the election program of Demokratie in Europa – DiEM25. The social housing model, which has been dismantled across the continent, must be restored. In addition, the Green New Deal only promotes social and sustainable housing.

After signing for the referendum to exapropriate the big housing company “Deutsche Wohnen” the candidates left to the evening of DiEM25 in the district Wedding.

The event did not treat participants as passive listeners. Instead it was about getting into a dialogue. The venue was a room for inclusion, and the event was the same. After a short introduction from the panellists, Joanna Bronwicka, Jasper Finkeldey, Thomas Kellermann, Bianca Praetorius, Daniela Platsch and Yanis Varoufakis, the audience jumped right into the discussion with the candidates in a fishbowl format.

After this exciting start, join us organising a campus tour bringing the #EuropeanSpring to the universities across Germany and help us with the #register2vote campaign ahead of the European Parliament elections.

We are campaigning against austerity politics all across Europe. Let’s make our pledge for a new and people-powered democracy in Europe become reality!

A citizen take-over of the EU institutions

13.04.2019 – 7 pm
TUECHTIG Room for inclusion
Oudenarder Str. 16 (Building D06, floor 1)
13347 Berlin-Wedding

Discuss with Yanis Varoufakis and other DiEM25-endorsed candidates about a new form of politics

Election campaign kick-off with:

  • Yanis Varoufakis
  • Daniela Platsch
  • Bianca Praetorius
  • Jasper Finkeldey
  • Joanna Bronowicka
  • Thomas Kellermann

Buy your ticket here and help us to cover the expenses of the night.

Transnational politics has arrived! The movement DiEM25 facilitates a discussion between citizens and citizen-candidates on the first-ever transnational list for the European elections. These candidates are fighting for a Green New Deal with progressive solutions to bring democracy back to Europe! The women and men, nominated in an experiment in grassroots democracy, who will take the programme to the ballot box in May, will answer all your questions and listen to your input.

Our event will not treat participants as passive listeners. Instead it will be about getting into a dialogue. As our venue is a room for inclusion, our event will be the same. After a short introduction from each panellist, we will jump right into the discussion with you in a fishbowl format. Meaning we will have panels consisting of our candidates and you!

Panel I: The connection between local activism and a European election campaign

  • Jasper Finkeldey, organising a campus tour bringing the European Spring to the Universities across Germany
  • Joanna Bronowicka, organising the #register2vote campaign ahead of the European Parliament elections
  • Thomas Kellermann, activist for the “Aktionsbündnis Lichterfelde Süd” campaigning for social housing since 2011

Panel II: Putting a new form of politics into practice in Europe and beyond

  • Yanis Varoufakis, campaigning against austerity politics all across Europe for year
  • Daniela Platsch, pledging for a new and people-powered approach to democratize Europe
  • Bianca Praetorius, connecting technology with democracy, transparency and sustainability

Moderators: Laura Müller and Johannes Fehr

Join us for the exciting time ahead, not stopping on the 26th of May. This European election is only a start fighting for the change we desperately need!

The EU in crisis: What’s next? (panel discussion)

19:30 – 21:00 (door open 19:00)
Alte Börse Marzahn

More information and early-bird tickets here:

With xenophobic and authoritarian forces rising across the EU, economies not yet back to pre-2008 levels, Eurozone ‘exits’ becoming more likely and climate catastrophe on the horizon, it’s time to stop what we’re doing and rethink.

The EUROPEAN SPRING, that will be contesting the May 2019 European elections in 11 countries, brings together politicians and activists to give a new, European perspective on these critical issues.


  • Introductory speech by Yanis Varoufakis
  • Panel 1: Migration and xenophobia
  • Panel 2: Poverty and austerity
  • Panel 3: The Euro and ‘exit’
  • Panel 4: The environment
  • Conclusion



  • Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, leader of the Polish party Razem
  • Baltasar Garzón, star judge, founder of the Spanish party Actúa
  • David Adler, member of DiEM25´s Coordinating Collective and coordinator of the Progressive International movement
  • Daniela Platsch, director of the Austrian party Der Wandel, lead MEP candidate for Demokratie in Europa
  • Franka Kretschmer, member of the board of the German party Demokratie in Bewegung
  • Isabelle Thomas, member of the European parliament for the French party Génération.s
  • Lorenzo Marsili, Italian writer, founder of European Alternatives, member of DiEM25´s Coordinating Collective
  • Rasmus Nordqvist, member of the Danish parliament for Alternativet
  • Rui Tavares, former MEP, founder of the Portuguese party LIVRE
  • Yanis Varoufakis, co-founder of DiEM25, Secretary of Greek party MeRA25, lead MEP candidate for Demokratie in Europa in Germany for the EUROPEAN SPRING

DiEM25 DSC Berlin Strategy Day

Please RSVP to before the 16th of January, to help us prepare for the day. Let us know which language works for you: English and/or German

Would you be up for helping out during the day or with preparations? People to help prepare the space, to moderate group conversations, to help set up lunch, etc. are very welcome! Please email for this, too.

Democracy in Europe needs your help!

proudly presents


Long live the European Republic –

The idea was promoted by Ulrike Guérot, Robert Menasse and Milo Rau and so last Saturday the European Republic was proclaimed all over the continent. But to really achieve this, we must ask ourselves: Which steps do we have to take today to be able to move towards a democratic Europe tomorrow?

Members’ assembly ‘Demokratie in Europa’

The very next step is the assembly for ‘Demokratie in Europa’ DiEM25’s electoral wing in Germany! And for this we need your help! During two days at Nova Colonia in Neukölln we will discuss amendments of the statutes, debate the program and finally name the first candidates for our transnational electoral alliance European Spring. If the DiEM25 project is dear to you, this gives you the chance to shape and participate in a very important step here in Berlin. So please help us by doing the following:

  1. Swing by! The program as well as the registrations for the members’ assembly on Saturday 24th and for the selection and presentation of the candidates on Sunday 25th can be found here (german) and you can register here.
  2. Help out! If you can help during the weekend, please fill in this form. We are looking for cakes, places to sleep, and those who want to offer whispering translations. It is only thanks to your help that this event becomes a success! In exchange you can enjoy great company, an inspiring weekend and concretely help welcome a new and better type of politics.
  3. Become a member and help shape the electoral wing! Register online or at the event on Saturday by bringing the membersship fee in cash (12-72 € depending on your income). The registration form, by laws and draft of the program can all be found here
  4. Donate! Just like DiEM25, the electoral wing also depends on small donations to finance itself. If you want to support progressive and transnational politics, do not find the time to help out or want to do more, please consider donating here.


News in Berlin

Apart from these parliamentary efforts our Berlin group also has some news and invitations from the movement side for you.

But first of all, a big thank you to all that made our last monthly meeting so cosy and those who actively help out. Instead of electing our new coordinators as planned for the next term we have decided to share the tasks more transparently over the next three months and then to fill the roles in our growing group. If you want to help out or have great ideas, please write to us at:


Next meetings:

Berlin New Deal Task ForceMonday, 19.11. – 19:00, Brotfabrik, Caligariplatz 1

– Review of the English versions of the OnePagers and collection of terms for the glossary
– Discussion of central economic terms like Target-2-System, Quantitative Easing, etc.
The meeting is open to everyone!

DiEM Women* meetingWednesday, 21.11.2018 – 19:00, New Yorck im Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2 b, Raum 3

Living in a patriarchy is exhausting and, well, it hasn’t necessarily been getting better over the past couple of years. We find that the best antidote for this is to be amongst those who understand this struggle. That’s why, after our first meeting on the 7th of November, we’d like to invite the women* of DiEM25 to a gathering on the 21st of November. The goal is to create a support network and an inspiring group, because as Laurie Penny writes “self-care, mutual aid and gentle support can be tools of resistance, too.” We also dedicate ourselves to making sure that our movement is and stays feminist.
(*all those identifying significantly as female)

The meeting will be in English and/or German (depending on who will be there – we’ll do our best to accommodate both languages!).

DiB Conference: How can we create a sustainable Europe?Saturday 24.11. 10-18:00 Pfefferberg Haus 13, Schönhauser Alle 176

On the day of the members’ assembly of the electoral wing, our friends from Demokratie in Bewegung are also holding a lab event in Berlin on a sustainable Europe. They count with the participation of further partner organisations of our European Spring.

Congress: What kind of keft do we want? Sonntag, 25.11.
Schaubühne, Kurfürstendamm 153, 10709 Berlin

DiEM25s co-founder Srecko Horvat speaks in the afternoon as part of a panel with Didier Eribon (Sociologist and author), Kevin Kühnert (Chairman Young Socialists (Jusos)), Klaus Lederer (Senator for Culture and Europe of the state of Berlin, Die Linke), Danièle Obono (Member of the National Parliament France, La France Insoumise), Srećko Horvat (Philosopher, DiEM25)

Please note that English translations may not be offered.

We very much look forward to seeing you and to move Europe forward together. Please reach out to us if you have questions or feedback on this newsletter.

Carpe DiEM

Your DSC1 Berlin

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