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Lively start into 2017

Our DiEM25 group started lively into the New Year. Good, as the general elections in Germany are just around the corner and we plan great things for 2017.

We had an intensive Newcomer meeting on the 9th of January. After a short introduction to DiEM25 and our work in Berlin, we spread into small groups with the 60 participants to work on different topics. We had discussions about DiEM25 policy papers and our internal organisation. Also the new taskforce “diversity” was founded, which will deal with the important task to include different human beings into DiEM25 to make our movement as colourful and diverse as our society.

On the 15th of January our second DiEM25 documentation night followed at B-Lage in Neukölln. We presented the crowdfunded documentary “This is not a coup”. It describes the European Central Bank’s (ECB) financial interventions in states like Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece. Featuring well-known academics, politicians and journalists, “This is not a coup” analyses the interdependences of EU institutions with big corporations and banks and the undemocratic and hidden influence they exert on national politics. After the film we had an interesting exchange with the audience and are looking forward to the documentation night on the 19th of February.

Do you want to join? Contact berlin1dsc@de.diem25.org

Constitutional reform in Italy? No!

On Wednesday, November 23rd DiEM25 Berlin, Die Linke International and Berlin’s Comitato per il No held a public meeting to discuss the upcoming referendum on the constitutional reform in Italy. Around 25 participants attended the meeting, which included interventions by Andrej Hunko (member of Parliament for Die Linke), Anna Ballarin-Denti (Comitato per il No), and Paola Giaculli (Die Linke).

Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his government promise that the reform of the second part of the Italian Constitution will cut the costs of politics and simplify the legislative process. The reform, however, has been widely criticised by the country’s political opposition, by civil society movements as well as by the left fringe of Renzi’s party. Eminent constitutionalists also warn against a reform that, without noticeably cutting bureaucratic costs, would concentrate decision-making power in the hands of the country’s executive, strengthen the power of the central state vis à vis the regions, and hinder the direct democratic processes allowed by the current Constitution.

DiEM25 joins Italy’s progressive forces in supporting the NO vote to a constitutional reform that would weaken democratic decision-making within parliament and society. These constitutional amendments, if passed, would favour the interests of international financial capital and of the political elites that have promoted EU’s disastrous austerity policies.

Vote in Italy: 4th December 2016

Members of AIRE can vote by post. The ballot should reach the embassy by December 1st, 2016.

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